Client Testimonial – December 18, 2014

Dear Eric & Sam,

Thank you for the recent project your company completed for us and, as always, S & E workmanship, professionalism and efficient expediting from start to finish was outstanding.  I have been remiss in not sending this letter much earlier. When Nann and I contracted with S & E in July of 2010 to resolve inherent construction problems in the seven unit apartment building we had just purchased on Siesta Key, we knew we had taken a major risk in using all of our retirement funds, obligating ourselves to a large short- term  mortgage with  no cash flow  until we could start  renting our vacation  rentals.

With a recommendation from a local investor, we met with both of you on the site and walked the building to identify the scope of the work and areas of concern. The building showed signs of water damage and, though only eleven years old, had numerous ceiling wallboard repairs. Because of the unknown issues that would not be identified until we opened areas of the building to perform repairs, we agreed on a time and material contract. We had a very tight budget, much to achieve and no leeway in our completion time. The clock was ticking and we were apprehensive, though committed and fully in.

S & E appeared at our building by 8:00 a.m. each morning, with the crew prepared to get our project done. Each worker knew their tasks and all S & E trucks were rolling shops with all tools, and supplies needed each day. As problems were identified, remedies explained and accepted by us, we were able to make our timelines  and resolve construction  problems created when the building was   built.

Suggestions made by S & E gave us a better building with features we had not originally planned. At the end of each day, the work site was always clean.  Our own workers, who were installing distributed audio, security, cable and LAN throughout the building, were able to work side by side with S & E employees for a harmonious work site every day. The exceptional workmanship of S & E and meeting our completion  deadline allowed our  “risky”  underfunded  investment to become a viable enterprise that we enjoy working in every   day.

Your company contributed heavily to our success with your work completed on time, within budget, plus your numerous suggestions that gave us a better resolve in so many areas. I believe this most recent project is our fourth with S & E and we’re happy to report the honeymoon isn’t over.

Thank you so much. —Paul & Nann Parr – Siesta Sunset Royale – Siesta Key, Florida